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Updated June 29, 2012


Baltimore Singles Network has been discontinued!

Due to lack of interest and member support, I have discontinued the Baltimore Singles Network. We have been inactive for about a year, and I have not received any offers to help with planning, organization, publicity, or event sponsorship. It takes a group of dedicated people to make an organization successful. We had quite a few good years starting in 1991, when I took over leadership, when others were involved actively in the club. However, for the past several years, it has been a frustrating and disappointing one-person project.

If anyone is interested in reviving this organization, you are welcome to contact me with your ideas and plans. I will help you organize the mailing list, and I am willing to host some activities and do some of the work to publish the newsletter.

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The Baltimore Singles Network consists of more than 50 men and women in the Greater Baltimore area. Our database has over 4000 names of people who have contacted us or participated over the last 10 years. The organization intends to provide interaction and communication opportunities for single people in the form of activities of general interest, and other vehicles such as the quarterly newsletter and this Web site. We encourage members to sponsor activities of personal interest, to attract other like-minded singles, and to provide diverse and interesting avenues for others to explore. We try to promote wholesome, active, and inexpensive ways to enjoy life and meet others with compatible outlooks. Most people in the Baltimore Singles Network are middle-aged semi-professionals, but we encourage singles of all ages and ways of life to join. More details...


Each activity is sponsored by one or more members, who are totally responsible for that event. The network's purpose is solely to inform its members of what events are open to them. (We accept no legal liability!) If you would like to sponsor an activity, please contact a steering committee member. Most activities are appropriate, such as day trips, week trips, ski trips, house parties, game nights, sports, discussions, meals, movies, etc. You do not need to be a member to participate. A Calendar of Events lists activities that are planned for the near future. Many more activities are also scheduled, such as house parties, but are not released for general publication.


Contact the person listed or a steering committee member to verify event time and location, which are subject to change. DO NOT show up without checking, because the event may have been changed or canceled. Please attend if you have called in a reservation. For publication in this web site, only E-mail contacts are listed.


Membership in the Network includes the newsletter and discounts at house parties, hikes, etc. Dues are now $10 per year. Membership is open to anyone with compatible interests. Be sure to sign in at each event you attend. The sponsor of any event, and designated assistants, will each receive a one-year membership.


We are no longer accepting membership. Previously, to join Baltimore Singles Network, you would send $10 in cash, check, or money order (payable to BSN), with your name, address, and telephone number, to:

Baltimore Singles Network

You may also pay your membership fee at any activity. A free one-year membership is granted if you volunteer to sponsor or co-sponsor an event. Contact Paul for details. (See note about email)


The newsletter is published quarterly, and is sent to all members, and to anyone who has attended an activity within one month of publication. Prospective new members will be sent one copy of the newsletter upon request. Newsletters are also available at all activities, and we encourage those in attendance to take copies to distribute to friends. Advertisements by members are accepted.


The steering committee consists of members who coordinate the scheduling of events, maintain the database, arrange for publicity, and publish the newsletter. If you would like to help in any way, please contact one of us.

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BSN was previously Single Professionals' Network, which evolved from Single Professionals of Maryland, started in 1987 as a series of informal cocktail parties for single and divorced people. Since then it has become a means for single people to network with others in a low-pressure, activities-oriented atmosphere. The BSN is designed to be flexible, inexpensive, rewarding, and FUN. Suggestions for improvement are welcome. We encourage members to get involved ACTIVELY, by sponsoring or helping with events, and encouraging others to join. More History...


Hiking, Biking, Tubing, Volleyball, etc.

Prepare for moderate physical exertion, dress appropriately, carry water and food as required, and participate at your own risk.

House Parties and Picnics

Participants are guests in the home of the host or hostess, and should act appropriately. Alcoholic beverages, if permitted, may be brought. Smoking is discouraged, but may be allowed in designated areas. Guests are asked to bring dishes of food to share, or may pay $5.00 additional. More information

Children and Pets

At appropriate events, such as hikes and picnics, children are allowed if well-behaved and accompanied by parent or guardian. Pets may be allowed under similar guidelines. In any case, this is under the discretion of the event leader, and regulations which may apply to the particular location of the event.


Volleyball, Guitar, Hiking



Golf & Skiing

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America On Line now has a public version of their Instant Message system, which I have tried and enjoyed. It is available for free download from their web site.

Members may obtain limited access to the BSN database, to contact other members and those who have previously inquired about the club.

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